Korean Friendship Bell

Welcome to the Korean Friendship Bell located in San Pedro, California.

AKA the best park around.

IRENE’S STORY button up | PACSUN shorts | ADIDAS stan smiths | woven hat | AMERICAN EAGLE sunglasses
VINEYARD VINES long sleeve | PACSUN denim | belt | CONVERSEĀ sneakers

I know there is a handful of parks that people will consider as better, but this park is a special one. Not only does it integrate Korean culture, but has an incredible view of the ocean with serene and peaceful vibes. Basking under the sun on the grass allows the perfect place to take a breather.

I went to a seminar the other day and the speaker preached on how fast paced all our lives are that we forget to appreciate the present. I just became a Freshmen in college and already am swamped with heavy workload and incredible stress. I feel like my days are rushing by and I’m only accumulating additional stress about my future and if I am ready for it. But his words reminded me to take a breath and enjoy the moment, which is something I solemnly do. Since here, I worried on who I would be in the next four years from now that I disregarded things that made me happy now, like blogging, making videos, and just using exploring and tapping into my creative mind. The speaker’s words resonated with me and reminded me of all the things I loved in my life.

So, I’m back! and I sincerely thank you guys for taking the time to read my posts, watch my videos, and just experience life with me šŸ™‚ You will be seeing more of me and just within the the few months I was goneĀ lots (and I mean lots) has changed and I’ll make sure to tell you guys all about it. First thing for sure is that I will be continuing with Youtube and I know its been a while so I hope you’re pumped as I am. My first video back is a September vlog and it’s not too long so make sure to click underneath and give it a watch! (and subscribe if you want to- shameless self promo :))





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