Spontaneous Places in Printed Shorts

one of our spontaneous Saturday adventures

Justin currently lugs around a huge boot because he sprained his ankle but I’m lucky enough to have a person who still adventures with me despite sucky situations. I have no idea why he wanted to step up those stones but it wasn’t the best idea.

[Something I wished someone would emphasize to me earlier is that time is always ticking by. No one can ever make up for lost time. This year I worked on making the most of everyday by pursuing things that make me genuinely happy and not wasting my time. I stopped chasing a perfect life because perfection is overrated. I learned joy and happiness in my imperfect world.]

We ran out of places to go so I just drove, took a random turn, and landed here! I’m not sure where we were but while walking around we saw so many bunnies! They were legit just chillin around. There was a trail further down but we couldn’t go far because of Justin’s foot, but next time we will walk all the way down.

Usually I like to plan ahead but it was refreshing to just drive and land wherever I stopped at. It was exciting not knowing what I would do or where I’m going.

 ANN TAYLOR turtleneck long sleeve | denim jacket

BRANDY MELVILLE printed shorts | ADIDAS stan smiths


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