Mini Trip to San Diego

first stop: Laguna Beach


Driving down and even lining along the beach are these beautiful houses, make sure to look around!



While walking on the beach there were random murals and paintings which made the walk very fun.

next stop: San Diego

As you guys know, I love food, so I’m super excited to share this taco place with you guys. It’s called Tacos El Gordo and I literally crave it every week. It’s really tasty so give it a go if you’re around town.



Abodaba and El Pastor Tacos

Don’t forget to ask for some grilled green onions and peppers!

next stop: Sunset Cliffs

After eating 4 tacos already, I to-goed 2 more tacos. It tasted even better while looking at a view.

PACSUN jeans | ADIDAS shoes






When you climb a bit down to the ledge there’s a small collection of tide pools. Give a good look around and you could even see some critters!

huge thanks to him for driving <3

next stop: Oscars Mexican Seafood

We went for dinner and there was a constant flow of people lining up. We ordered a lot and all different kinds of food from the menu and everything was really tasty! I really enjoyed the crispy battered fish tacos and juicy shrimp tacos.

Crispy, thin fries sprinkled with cheese, drenched with a delicious green sauce, covered with juicy chicken, and topped with more cheese. I don’t remember the name of this place, but there are tons of great fry places to go, so just yelp some!

San Diego is known to be a hub of good food and nightlife and we only scraped the surface, so we will definitely be coming back, hopefully soon!

The weather was perfect when we drove down and both our sides were lined with these beautiful yellow flowers. Good music and the great view made the long drive super fun. There’s still so much to do around here so we’ll be back!


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