What I Eat in a Day

see what I ate all day today and read how I smashed my fingers

Started off strong today with a morning home workout followed by an amazing smoothie with frozen berries, pineapples, orange juice, an acai packet, banana, chia seeds, and water. Yesterday I ate so much crap (pizza, mac and cheese, and nachos) so I wanted to eat healthier but that’s not what happened. I got lunch with my friend Elizabeth at Panera.

I should’ve gotten a salad or soup but nope I got a lunch with all carbs 🙂 and I don’t regret it. This is the Chicken Alfredo Tortellini and half a Fontega Chicken Panini with bread on the side.

a little story: I was having a fantastic Saturday until I smashed my fingers. I don’t even know how I did it but I was closing my car door and when I looked down I realized my fingers were in my car… at first I felt nothing, then when I met eyes with Elizabeth, a rush of tears came pouring down from the ridiculous pain. I rushed to my house to ice it which hurt even more!! Luckily I didn’t break any bones but my pointer finger is completely black under my nail bed 🙂 I wasn’t going to let pain stop me from my day plans so we still went to the mall and then got boba. I got a mixture of green apple, kiwi, and strawberry olong tea with boba at Oko Yatai Cafe. It was so funny because I had a huge bag of ice all throughout the day, which quickly turned to water, and I couldn’t even try on clothing because I couldn’t unbutton my pants. And if you didn’t notice, my finger is strangely straight in the picture above because I just can’t bend it.


Hollister tank | Zara bralette | Thrifted Levi denim | Nordstrom Rack slip ons

I didn’t really eat this but Justin got the Special C at LBJs and I stole some of the last bites. He’s so overdressed but it’s because he just came from an interview.

That’s the last piece of food I ate. I love seeing other people’s diet and I hope you liked these kinds of posts.


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