vintage nike

Its been a minute since my last post here on YOOEUNMI.

thrifted & DIY jeans | thrifted Nike shirt

Marlboro Country Store denim jacket | Roberto Durville heels

Urban Outfitters aviator glasses | Urban Outfitters beanie

I’m always reflecting and meditating on myself and sometimes I get these thoughts of why I’m even blogging. These thoughts along with my other responsibilities stumped my motivation to post anything here. I know I am so small in this grand world of bloggers. But to this I respond saying who cares. I choose to pursue what I love to do and continue to pave my path. I hope that you all agree and live everyday knowing that you are proud of where and who you are. I usually don’t post any personal thoughts on this space but I decided to change that. I want YOOEUNMI to not only be a destination of fashion and lifestyle but also a place where you and I can speak our minds. To this I leave with a smiling face and I hope everyone has another amazing week.


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  1. bridget
    March 6, 2017 / 4:14 am

    yes becky!!!!! kill it!!!! love this post!!!!!!!

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