I’ve seen a lot of people vlogging about what they eat in a day and I found it interesting, so I took it to writing. I began meal prepping about 2 weeks ago, but for Thanksgiving break  I decided not to. But I also didn’t want to shove a bunch of crappy foods back into my diet, so taking pictures gives a visual which is really helpful in being mindful of what I eat in a day. I can pretty much eat anything, but my diet consists mostly of Korean and American foods. I think I will be doing more of these posts, so click below to read about what I ate and also what I wore yesterday.



Top: small boutique in Korea

Culottes: Irene’s Story

Slip Ons: Nordstrom Rack

Glasses: Urban Outfitters


First Meal: Korean Seaweed Soup

This might be weird for some people but I swear it’s good. It’s a traditional soup that is eaten especially on birthdays. Seaweed soup is simple to make, but I didn’t make this one (my grammy did). It is nourishing to the body and pretty healthy. Koreans usually accompany this with rice, but I just drank the soup filled with extra seaweed instead.


Second Meal: Smoothie Bowl

Not too long after drinking soup, I got hungry again. So I decided to make a smoothie bowl with: milk, banana, raspberries, blueberries, and coconut shreds, topped with granola, coconut shreds, and more blueberries. Funny story: so the night before I was thinking of doing something like this so I wanted to cut up a banana to freeze over night, but stupid me, I cut it up and then put it in the fridge instead. But a frozen banana will make this taste even better!


Third Meal: El Burrito Jr.

Around 2pm I met with Justin and he was hungry so we went to LBJs. He ordered a Special C and of course I took some bites. I ate some chips with salsa and took the last remaining bites of one of his bean and cheese burritos. That enough was filling for me.

Fourth Meal: PB&J

Then surprisingly for a couple of hours I didn’t get hungry, but by 10 pm I was starving. Usually I wouldn’t eat too late but today was an exception. I didn’t get to take a picture of the last thing I ate, but it was just a PB&J with only one piece of bread. PB&Js are one of the foods that taste like the best thing in the world when hungry and it was a great way to end my day.


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