Lets Get Cookin: the healthy way

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I’ve been really into cooking since I started living a more healthier lifestyle. I am still new to this, but here are two foods I have been eating on an everyday basis. They’re super simple and yummy. So,

Lets Get Cookin! 



Such a classic, versatile dish with only: avocados, cherry tomatoes, sourdough bread, olive oil, salt, and pepper. You can swap out the sourdough for any bread of your choice, but I personally really dig the sourdough. And I bake my bread with a sprinkle of olive oil in my conventional oven to get that crisp bite. I think the cherry tomatoes add the perfect amount of acidity to kick things up. This takes me 10 mins max to make and it is the perfect thing for anyone to eat. Also, there are tons of other toppings to add besides tomatoes, so go crazy and make this dish yours.



Another really simple and healthy dish with: greek yogurt, granola, coconut shreds (unsweetened), blueberries, raspberries, and honey. If you really dislike greek yogurt, you can swap it for regular yogurt, but greek yogurt is the healthier alternative. To balance out the greek yogurt’s strong tartness I added honey to sweeten things up. The coconut shreds and granola add nice texture and the fruit is just yummy. Recently, I have been mixing chia seeds into my yogurt and leaving it in the fridge overnight to eat the next morning and I really recommend it.



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