Pressed Juicery: 1 Day Cleanse


This is the beginners 1 day cleanse from Pressed Juicery ($34.50) and I was super excited to try this out because I have always wanted to, but was always scared by the fact that I would be drinking kale and celery. I bought my cleanse because I genuinely love Pressed Juicery and thought it was a safe bet for my first time, but you can totally make your own juices, and now that I did one, I might even start to make my own. As you may know, I am trying to pursue a cleaner lifestyle and I decided to get serious by kickstarting it with this cleanse. I did this on Sunday because I figured it would be the easiest day to do it on. To be honest it was not too difficult, the only thing is that I was pretty hungry throughout the day and it took a lot of mental restraint to step away from the food. But that restraint was exactly what I needed because starting this change I realized that I have little self control when it comes to food. So, I actually started to meal prep for the week to help control what and how much I eat. (a post will be coming up soon about it :)) Also, on my Insta post (@beckyeunmiyoo) I shared that the green and orange juices scared me, but surprisingly they were both really good. Now that I have finished the cleanse, nothing drastically changed, but it did have some benefits. Definitely my cravings for sweets or unhealthier alternatives dropped and I gained a stronger mentality to keep doing what I’m doing and to push further. I recommend doing a 1 day cleanse for everyone, I think it is the perfect restart for the body and mind. Oh by the way I would like to mention that doing a 1 day cleanse will not lead to any weight loss. I was talking to a friend who did a 3 day juice cleanse, which sounded a bit daunting but who knows I might try :). Below are my thoughts on each of the juices.



I drank the juices in this order below every 2 hours.

Vanilla Almond: This was the perfect start to the cleanse. Obviously, this is super yummy and simple so there’s not too much to say about it. I think this is a classic and I am aware that many people enjoy it too.

Greens 2: I took a very deep breathe before drinking this one, but soon after I took a sip, I realized it really isn’t that bad. The instant taste is of apples and lemons, but soon a mild taste of kale and celery kicks in. Nothing daunting, so I would buy another one.

Roots 2: This was also scary to drink because it had a lot of vegetables with an addition of ginger. I was hesitant, but I was so hungry I took a huge gulp of it. And I have to say I like it; it tastes better than the Green juices in my opinion. Pressed Juicery amazes me how they produce such great tasting juices with only vegetables and has such cute packaging.

Citrus 2: You can not go wrong with this juice. It is so refreshing and was the perfect break from the vegetables juices during the cleanse. I love pineapples, lemons, and just a tarty drink so I am definitely repurchasing this one.

Greens 3: To be honest, I actually skipped this juice and tried it on the next day because I just didn’t feel like drinking another juice. This one is very similar to the Greens 2, but has a huge kick of ginger. I personally do not like it because of the ginger, kale, and celery combination, but my dad really does.

**Chocolate Almond: OH MY GOD you guys. This drink is legit the best thing I have ever had. I swear I have the worst cravings during my period and this will satisfy all of them but still is healthy for you. It’s literally perfection. I feel like people would say it tastes like chocolate milk, but I kind of disagree because I hate chocolate milk. It has a mild sweetness and a nutty flavor which I adore. In both this drink and the Vanilla Almond, I appreciate the subtle sweetness because I dislike overly sweet foods. Definitely going back to restock on this drink, recommend to everyone!



The waters are meant to keep you hydrated and help your body throughout the day while doing the cleanse. I did not expect this to come with the cleanse, so it was a nice surprise. 

Chlorophyll H20: This water looks crazy due to the green color, but it is literally regular water. I believe chlorophyll has great benefits for the body, but I am not sure on what exactly.

Aloe Vera H20: To be honest I really disliked this water. It looks like regular water, but it tastes like plant. Legit plant. You guys can try it out, maybe you’ll love it, but for me it’s a no no.

Super happy I did this cleanse. If there are anymore questions please feel free to ask me! Check out Pressed Juicery’s website here and Instagram here


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