REVIEW: Covergirl Clean Foundation


Today’s review will be on the Covergirl Clean oil control, anti-luisance foundation. On the packaging it claims to be “designed for oily complexions to help whisk away shine, unscented, 100% oil-free, suitable for sensitive skin, matte finish that leaves skin looking and feeling fresh.” I mentioned this product briefly on my youtube video, but this liquid foundation was awful on my skin. I have an oily/dry combo skin and it is pretty sensitive in general, so usually I don’t experiment with other products, but from now I will. I bought it from the drugstore for about 8ish dollars in the color 545 (warm beige). It comes in a glass container with 30 ml inside it. First I have to say in the packaging area, it lacks. The glass is pretty, but it comes with no pump so it is hard to put the product on, especially because it is a liquid. The smell might bother others more than it does to me because I put on so little on. The smell is not pleasant, but also not horrible (more on the chemically side). The first time I tried it out I liked the general look of it on my face; it claims to be oil free, which it did matify my skin and it also felt light on my skin (keep in mind that I put a very thin layer on). Coverage wasn’t bad either and I am pretty sure you can build it up. The ultimate reason why I didn’t enjoy this was because it broke me out so so so much! I don’t normally break out that much but after putting this foundation on, I took about a good month trying to bring back the skin I had before. Overall, this was a big no no for me; however, if you guys have tried it out and liked it, let me know. Also, let me know if you guys want a video of me actually trying it out and let me know any products you would like me to try out for you guys!

*the next review will be on my absolute favorite makeup remover, so stay tuned!





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