ADIDAS Tent Sale

Hey friends! Last week Justin, my brother, and I went to an Adidas Tent Sale in Westminster. We had to drive a bit but it was totally worth it! We never heard about it nor did we ever go before, but it was amazing!  Basically a huge white tent was set up and they had random boxes of clothing, separated by gender and sizes, and tables of shoes and everything was a lot cheaper. The shoes were kind of lame but the clothes were awesome. There’s a rush when you enter because there’s a bunch of people and you want to get the best clothes, so we really had to dig in and search fast. I recommend going early, we got there early so we were the third ones in. This tent sale went on for four days but I recommend going on the first because after the first hour it opens everything good is gone. Personally I think the guys found better pieces than I did and I like them better, so if I went back again I would go to the guys section first. On Viv and I’s channel we filmed a haul video including the things I got from the tent sale. Check it out below!


  • Green long sleeve: $15 (originally $30)
  • Patterned shorts (not mentioned in video, shown in the beginning): $15 (originally $30)
  • White windbreaker: $30 (originally $80)
  • Shoulder bag: free

The prices were amazing and I’m waiting for the next one. I will definitely go again.


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