KazuNori: the original hand roll bar


Today was my two year mark with Justin and to celebrate we ate at a place I’ve been craving to go to, KazuNori. I have always loved sushi and Japanese cuisine, but my recent obsession has been hand rolls. KazuNori is like a sister place to Sugarfish, which is also really good. We could of togoed the rolls, but for my first time I really wanted to experience my time there. We both appreciated the simplicity of their restaurant. The concept of just a bar wrapped around was really nice and the setting of being sat right next to or across people I don’t know was interesting. And of course the food was amazing! We both got the 6 Hand-Roll set ($23.00) and this is actually a new addition to their menu. The set consisted of toro, yellowtail, salmon, bay scallop, crab, and lobster hand rolls. The fish itself was super fresh and literally would melt in your mouth, but paired with the crispiness of the nori and the perfect warmth and seasoning to the rice, the roll was perfection. Looking at the ratings, I thought my favorite would be the crab or the lobster, and although those were good, I really enjoyed the bay scallop and Justin’s favorite was the salmon. But don’t get me wrong, all the rolls were delicious. The overall vibe was chill there, which I loved and I definitely recommend everyone to come here. For those who think this is pricey and not filling, I would say I disagree. Around my fourth roll I felt full and Justin for sure was full by the end of our course. And this may be somewhat on the pricey side but for the quality of the fish it is definitely worth it and I think many others would agree. Plus there are several different set options. Also, just like Sugarfish there is a 16% service charge included into the bill when dining in, so to avoid that, I recommend taking the food to go; the plus to that is that the boxes it comes in are super cute and there is a separate menu for it as well.


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