Mother’s Day Flower Market Adventure

For this Mother’s Day we, Justin and I, wanted to give our mothers a personal, beautiful gift. Flowers are beautiful, but we didn’t just want to buy one from the market. So we decided to go to the LA Original Flower Market, they are not normally open on Sundays but they were for this day! We heard it was PACKED and really hard to find parking this day, so we woke up at 5:30! And that is very early for us. There was no traffic on the freeway so we got there fairly quickly and found parking decently close by. There was a one dollar admission fee, and once I walked in, I instantly fell in love with all the flowers and plants around me. There were endless types of flowers but after one hour we decided to pick our favorites: white tulips, red mini roses, white pon pons, and a pink and white stalk flower (I forgot the name). We picked flowers that made a good combination and that each of our moms would like. After we went to Panera because we were starving (who knew searching for flowers would make us so hungry). Then we trimmed the flowers, each designed a bouquet, and placed it in a vase; around the vase we personalized it further by adding a short message on it with a piece of twine. At the end of the day, both of our moms really loved our gifts to them, so this adventure was definitely a success. I will for sure be doing this every Mother’s Day.


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