This is a large bowl (I shared with someone), with cali roll poke, rice, and a side of seaweed salad. Its topped with sesame seeds and dried seaweed, which is totally optional.

I love food so I’m introducing Poke, a Hawaiian dish, to you all. I’ve tried a few different places that serve poke but I can proudly say Jus’ Poke is the best. Jus’ Poke is a little place in Redondo Beach with a great vibe, friendly people, and it’s flipping BOMB. There are various types of poke you can get, each made into a different mixture of goodness. There is poke sold by itself and then there are bowls, regular and large, which consists of poke, rice, and a side. This picture is from a few months ago but my new favorite order is a regular bowl with half spicy poke and half cali roll poke, seaweed salad, and I replace the rice for another side of spicy edamame. Mhmmm is amazing.


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